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Collingwood legend Mick McGuane has told thousands of stories about his football journey. But never this one before now. McGuane told 4 Quarters that his most treasured on-field moment is not his epic 1994 Goal of the Year in Carlton blockbuster at the MCG, but a chip pass to an unmarked mate in a back pocket. McGuane, who has now been coaching suburban and country footy for 22 years also tells us his secret to success.

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You Buddy Beauty!

Swans superstar Lance Franklin kicked his fourth goal for the night against old rivals Geelong in round two on 25 March.

And unleashed scenes that have never been seen on an Australian Rules oval. And will never be seen again.

The 35-year-old had just reached the magical 1000 goals milestone, to add to his storied career, and tens of thousands of supporters emptied the SCG stands to gather around a true sporting hero.

In fact, so many rushed on to the field that there were more on the grass than in the bleachers.

It was said pre-game that fans were itching to partake in the much-loved footy tradition. And they were not wrong. Play stopped for more than 20 minutes in the final quarter while the ground was being cleared.

Buddy joins Tony Lockett, Gordon Coventry, Jason Dunstall, Doug Wade and Gary Ablett Snr as players to have reached four figures in goals.

Franklin said reaching footballing immortality was an “amazing moment”.

“It was nice to get it done, it has been playing on my mind a bit. There was a lot of hard work to get there, I’ve been playing for 18 years,” he said. “I wouldn’t be able to get there without some great teammates around me to provide those assists.”

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